Sumaglla: A woman enmeshed in a fantasy world of surreal objects tangles with the detached pathos of strangers.



'700 filmmakers have received their rejection letters'

Sumaglla  included in BBFF official selection experimental showcase.

Sumaglla is a living museum of antiques, arcane paintings, curios and collections, a beautiful but crumbling villa in Cuenca, Ecuador.
It's custodian is Cecilia, a direct descendant of Adolfo Vázquez Moreno, she lives with her helper, dogs, cats and birds. She is a discerning though
forbidding woman who speaks  a mix of French and Spanish which few can interpret.
She gazes out through Venetian windows with their baroque frames……. but mostly her glance is inward to a world trapped by time.
A woman's voice proclaims, 'Threadbare sheets' and later she crouches by a bed, in a dark room stacked with symbolic ornaments and furniture from France and Austria.
Cecilia points to photographs of her and her sister, but we don't understand her words, What has happened in her past life, what tragedies are hidden?
The people who visit and inhabit her world are fleeting and disjointed, they reflect an interior and confusing existence.
 This short film is like an unsolved detective story or life, the clues are like clouds in a philosophical pool.
As the Zen Proverb says "The whole world is simply my story, projected back to me on the screen of my own perception."

Kelly Fitzgerald, writer

'Intriguing! everyone seems to be waiting for something,time is passing but it is not what they are expecting.'