Sally Richards a celtic filmmaker/artist was born in the coastal village of  Porthleven in West Cornwall, her father was an offshore fisherman the whole family ran a B&B overlooking th atlantic ocean.
The youngest of three children she was chosen by her mother to steal money from her fathers wallet while he was sleeping after long nights at sea,  because she was the most stealthy.
After being caught running away from home and getting pregnant at 15 she traveled abroad to the far east, middle east and west indies with her son and husband.
Returning to the UK she gained a BA (Hons) and later a MA in European Fine Art in Barcelona where she amalgamated painting, performance and video.
Her debut film :  'Sleep',  was a documentary depicting  a night in bed with  her video camera.  
'Ride': was produced by strapping a video camera to her bike, installations and slide sequences based around her own life followed.
'Head'  was created from still, time lapse images of her shaved head  and hair growth over a year.
 in 1988 she performed "Going' and "Waterfall" with the Ting Theatre of Mistakes at the Arlnolfini Gallery and  created 'The Newspaper Circus" a performance duo who took the headlines from any available newspaper of the day as a script to perform spontaneous and often disruptive performances in public places!
Her cinema screen installation 'Flow' In 1999  literally depicted 'paint drying', which were subtle chemical reactions between water and oil.
Sally is dyslexic and once misspelled her own name as Slally on a painting.
In 2000 she was awarded 30,000 by The Arts Council to make a film  series working with illigal drug users and was nominated for the 2004 for the 'Time Out Critics Award' with the film  -Testing+  one of 30 short films she directed and produced.
In 2006 as artist advisor in partnership with National Portrait Gallery, London, Sally  co -ordinated a 3 year national program: Reaching out- Drawing in, to enhance and develop audience participation.
In 2007 and with 200,000 funding she successfully delivered, URBAN CRE8ORS providing qualifications and media training to under privileged  young people in London, UK.
In 2009 she created "Flix" a film venue and program for teenagers.
She is the  author of 'Episodes' an accredited training manual for student filmmakers.
Sally once worked as a resident artist where it was mandatory to take, '1 hours dreaming time' a day.
Her large abstract paintings are in private collections in Spain, Australia, UK and Cyprus.
In 2012 she directed and produced  'Feather' a short art house film. In 2013 she worked in Ecaudor and directed and produced the short dramatic film Sumaglla, selected for the Byron Bay International Film Festival 2014.
Sally is currently making films and working on an eco project in Central America.

 Review  by Dr Gianluca Fantoni


London 2008| 0:01:28 |  Dir/ Pro: Sally Richards |Short | Experimental :

Landscapes was filmed in Mohajar, southern Spain on an abandoned  building site, I contributed this film to  the Frieze Film 2008: Road Movie  a four-part film created by artists and film-makers that was produced on YouTube. An experiment in film-making, the final result was a film made in an entirely new way: the first multi-authored fractal film assembled by the artists and curator out of the sum of the submitted parts:
Inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s 2006 novel The Road, the project used the road as a leitmotif
for a non-linear journey through the post-apocalyptic landscape.
The four-part series of films was broadcast between Monday 13 - Thursday 16 October on Channel 4.
Frieze Film will be shown in Channel 4’s admired 3 Minute Wonder slot during the week of Frieze Art .

'PLUVENN' 20013

London/ Costa Rica | 0:03:45 |  Dir/ Pro: Sally Richards |Short | Experimental :

Light weight, strength, and shape--combined with precision control--is largely responsible for giving birds their special ability of sustained flight. and yet a feather on it's own it's useless ?'